First Impressions: Urban Decay Urbanbrow Precision-Pen Brow Tint (Brunette)

In case it wasn’t apparent already, I’m a brow gal. I can’t go a day without filling those babies in because aside from adding shape and definition to the face, mine are sad and sparse alone. I’m always on the hunt for something that will provide definition but still maintain a natural look. I’ve never been a huge fan of pencils and I’ve used eyeshadow with an angled brush for ages. The brow pen is made by several different companies but this UD Precision Pen is the first I’ve tried.

PROS: I love that this is a brush tip vs. a felt tip because I provides a more flexible and softer application. The color is perfect for my brows, more ash-brown rather than having too much red pigment. It’s light enough that if you layer a few strokes it won’t look insane and dark enough that just one stroke provides subtle definition.

CONS: The formula is a bit shiny/waxy. Although I was able to mattify it with a bit of shadow I would have liked it even more if I could’ve just stuck with one product (or just the pen and my brow gel). If you layer too much, it balls up and pulls off the previous work you've done. Again, something within the formula.

Overall, I'm disappointed. Maybe if you already have a good set of brows and just want something to fill in the little areas this will work for you but it just isn't for me.

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