1. Moving = Bruises | 2. Headed East | 3. Took mom shopping for her fall wardrobe & managed to find the perfect dark grey beanie at H&M | 4. This is one of my mom's cats, Blue. She's a Persian mix & when her fur gets too matted, we have to get her shaved. Happiest cat in all the land! | 5. Dulles International Airport shuttle | 6. Back in LA and back to regular pho dates with my friend Matty | 7. Reunited with Bruce | 8. Halloween party at Kristy's | 8. Happy CATURDAY!

Feels so great to be back in LA! I'm getting back into the groove of things and continuing to rummage through the endless boxes of junk I have in my place. I can't wait to have at least ONE room completely done haha.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend and Happy Halloween! xx

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