TUTORIAL: How I Fill In My Brows

Since Halloween is approaching I thought it may be appropriate to frighten you with the before & after of how I fill in my brows!

Everyone has at least one thing they can't leave the house without - I can't leave without my brows. I had a sad incident when I was younger which left me with wonky eyebrows. One was literally waxed higher than the other and I've never fully recovered. What happened? Well, the woman who waxed them took too much from the top of my right brow and too much from the bottom of my left :insert silent weeping:.Who knew that I would suffer from a unibrow until the age of 12, then several years later be forced to recreate fullness with makeup.

That said, my favorite brow products that I currently use are by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have to have her Brow Wiz in Medium Ash on hand and sometimes I will use her Tinted Brow Gel in Espresso. I find the Brow Wiz has the right balance of a soft (but not too soft) wax base and fine point. My back up choice would be the MAC retractable eye brow pencil but I'm in between colors (Lingering & Brunette).

If you are lucky enough to already have full brows, I would still look into her brow gels to keep your brows in place and add a little dimension. I have yet to be disappointed by her product line!

Now, onto the tutorial...

Do you have a disastrous eyebrow story? Tell us how you recovered in the comments below!

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