Weekend Roundup

So if you guys follow me on Instagram or my latest vlogs you all probably saw most of what was going  in the days building up to my weekend in Palm Springs doing makeup for the Hudson Jeans campaign S/S 13. Well now that I've come down with a cough/cold/sickness I'm sitting here and reminiscing on the times so let's reminisce together...

1. Casablanca Studio @ Korakia Pensione | 2. Morning of Day 1 from Colony29 | 3. Matilda @ Photogenics  | 4. Hair & Makeup babes | 5. Nathan & Matilda @ Photogenics | 6. Preview of Lauren @ Elite LA (photo by Andrew Kuykendall) | 7. Anna @ Vision (photo by Ben Taverniti) | 8. Nathan & Anna | 9. Preview of one of Anna's looks (photo by Andrew Kuykendall)

Also if you haven't viewed it yet, here's a vlog with some behind the scenes of Day 1.

Overall such a great time and I can't wait for you guys to see the shots. I am hoping I can recover enough from this sickness so that I can fly back home Friday without wanting to kill myself in-flight. December has been a pretty great month and I look forward to what 2013 has in store for me! 

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  1. Hey Claire,

    New to both your channel and your blog, but definitely glad I found you. Oh, how we love those high-maintenance kitties... mine (Panda) has mold, mildew, and poultry allergies.

    Curious if you might consider doing a "packing for a trip" video? As an visual artist, I travel to art shows and conventions, and have yet to master the art of packing for short 3-4 trips without bringing everything with me for "options."