I haven't posted an Outfit of The Day in awhile so here are some photos I happened to snap a few days ago. Sorry about the poor lighting but I think you'll still get the idea ;)

I happened to see this UNIF shirt while walking past a shop on Melrose with Anna and Jesse. I was instantly obsessed and decided I needed to have it in my life (cat lady much?) so I dragged them into the store with me so I could pick it up. I have several of these UNIF muscle T's because they fit my "homeless chic" steeze and I wear them year-round. They have the distressed holes, the side boob exposing factor and this one in particular has a tea-stain look which some may or may not like, but I'm totally into.

During this "California cold" I like to layer at least one light weight item under my jackets and in this case I threw on this Brandy Melville cropped sweater. You guys know I'm obsessed with her sweaters so this one is actually new but looks the same as my others haha! On top of this I could throw on my denim or leather jacket but it actually started to warm up this day so I just sported it as is. Slouchy, comfortable, perfect.

On the same shopping trip with A&J we stopped by Wasteland where I found these high waisted shorts by Cameo (I believe they're called "The Saint") and my new shoe loves, the Alexander Wang Petra. I love the petal-type cut in the front of these shorts because I feel like it allows the shorts to cover the  right amount of leg in the back and sides but expose and elongate the look of them from the front. Not to mention they are silky soft and have pockets! We love pockets.

What do I need to say about the shoes other than I'm in love and I can't believe they were just sitting there in my size. They're surprisingly comfortable for their height and the woven straps are soft and don't rub my feet in any uncomfortable way. Now I just have to make sure Anna and I don't wear them on the same days since she also has a pair ;)

Hope you all are having a great weekend! 


  1. Hi, may I ask you something? I'm 5"8 and I'd love to get the UNIF top! But idk what size I should get, can you help me?