Couch Potato Friday

Let's catch up...

As the photo clearly depicts, Bruce and I are taking full advantage of this lazy Friday by having a pow wow on the couch. If only I had enough blankets to build a really is fort weather.

I didn't manage to get much sleep last night, so around 4am I parked myself on the couch with the intentions of getting entangled in my duvet and dozing between episodes of Black Books. Unfortunately I've had no such luck with getting those few extra hours of shut eye. Between editing, planning for future videos, emails, etc. I'm also mentally creating a storyboard for the filming I'm doing this weekend for my friends in Tennis System. I'll be hanging out and playing shadow all weekend as I promised to film a vlog for their channel. Do not mistaken any of this as complaining though, I'm really excited for all of it and I think you guys will like the end result as well :) Let's just hope I have enough memory cards and batteries to make it, ok?

What else has been happening? 

If you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may not know that at the end of last month Brink Magazine released their latest issue with their cover feature on FrankMusik which is pretty rad so check that out if you can (available in digital or request by mail)! That was another fun shoot with photographer Jared Kocka along with Kristy Benjamin and Ashley Bogue styling. I'm obsessed with the Morrissey Vanilla Ice shirt by Echo Park Surf Squad. Add that to the things I need in my life...

Last week I did a shoot with Jesse, Anna and Olivia for Lust For Life x Blaque Label and I literally wanted everything Olivia put on. We shot in this awesome motorcycle garage in Silverlake which brought back memories from when I was dating a professional motorcycle rider haha. Anyway back to the clothes, I can't wait to get my hands on those collab items! Leather (faux), studs, zippers...what else needs to be said? 

February is flying by and I am not ready. I feel like I have so much to do but I think I'm just over thinking things. Not to mention my birthday is swiftly approaching and I'm anxious to get out of the country for a few days. I still plan on visiting the UK but probably not until the Spring. I want to treat myself to a beach vacay for a few days but I'm not sure where to go. I've been to the Dominican Republic which was beautiful but I think I want to try some place else...thoughts?

If you could travel to any place you wanted at this very moment, where would you go?

Happy Friday and here's to the weekend kids. 


  1. My birthday is approaching as well Feb 28th! So happy early birthday to you! cheer

  2. You're a busy lady! But I think a lot of us appreciate how hard you work on your videos, etc. Hope you find some place you'd like to go to treat yourself <3

  3. Come to South Beach for your birthday. :) I'll introduce you to the absolute BEST Cuban restaurant on the planet.

    I love Black Books! I've never come across anyone else (not from the UK) who has any idea what I'm talking about when I mention that show.

  4. If you are in Europe-go to Spain beaches. If you want states? Siesta beach. If you want states but far with best weather? Hawaii. And hop the islands is very affordable. If you want Central America-Trinidad beware they have carnival season now. :) hope that helps!

  5. It's technically not 'out of the country' but I'd definitely recommend Hawaii,no place like it!