Insta Outfit Recap

I try to post the occasional Outfit of the Day on my Instagram but tend to neglect the details. This is something I need to remedy but until then, here are some recaps of recent "OOTDs" along with links to the products (unless they're no longer available). Let me know how you guys like these Insta Recaps!

Outfit #1 : NIGHT OUT
Giselle Top | High Waisted Denim Shortie | Over The Knee Socks | Seychelles Theory Bootie 
I was feelin' a bit gothy and you can probably tell I channeled The Craft just a bit. I wore this outfit to see my friend's band play and threw on a slouchy black sweater for extra warmth. Cropped tops and high waisted shorts are some of my favorite pairings because it allows you to show just a peek of skin without feeling too exposed. Also it puts focus on one of the narrowest parts of your figure :)

Outfit #2 : THE GROVE
Black Racerback Tank (old) | Zara Camo Pant | Levi's Trucker Jacket | JC Rumble Boot | Sunglasses (no name brand)

Headed out for a bit of shopping at The Grove with Anna & Jesse. Normally I wouldn't wear my rumble boots for long shopping journeys but we mainly went to browse the new TopShop so I knew I wouldn't have to be on my feet too long. Although the weather has been really beautiful, there has been a lot of wind and as soon as the sun goes down the cold sets in, so I brought my jacket just in case!
UNIF Donna Leopard Moto Coat | Carlina Knit Top | High Waisted Denim Shortie | All Saints Damisi Boot  | Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel

Met up with some friends for KBBQ so I wanted to be comfortable but somewhat put together. The leopard coat is obviously the statement piece, without it this outfit is pretty simple and casual. It's a good day-to-night transition outfit because you can ditch the coat during the day running errands but throw it on as soon as the night chill kicks in.

NastyGal Batwing Romper | Alexander Wang Petra | Fendi Sleek Sunglasses

Headed out to do some birthday shopping damage...and oops I did. Since it was my birthday I felt like dressing up a bit so I wore my favorite Alexander Wang Petras and a romper that I got on sale from NastyGal but had yet to sport. My sunglasses were part of my birthday gift/damage done. Apparently these are a brand new style that just came in and I love the fact that they're completely different from anything I have :)


  1. You're so freaking cool.


  2. Your style is to die for! I wish it was also hot in london so we can walk around with shorts and no tights ! :p

  3. Love the Insta Recaps! The links are super helpful. Can't wait for your next YouTube video!!! :>)

  4. Insta Recaps are awesome! love your outfits, keep it uppp (k)

  5. I fell in love with UNIF coat <3

  6. amazing post my dear!
    Love your blog, keep it on!