Music Monday II

I have been slacking on the music posts and I apologize for that! I started out so gung-ho with the idea of "Mixtape Monday" but at the rate that I find new music (slowly...very slowly) I should have known it wouldn't be realistic. That said, I have found a few tracks and new releases that I love and thought I'd share with you all! If you follow me on Tumblr you may have already heard some of these because I'll occasionally post a song I'm enjoying through the week, but here you can see them all in one place.  I've also included my favorite lyrics to each song, maybe tell me yours?

Foxes - Echo
I've literally had this song on loop for the last few days. I can't quit it!
Favorite lyric: "Time for a change 'cause the devil, he sleeps in your head..."

The Raveonettes - Love In A Trashcan
This was actually the song I wanted to use for my 5 Grungey Outfits video but due to copyright issues, wasn't allowed to :( I don't really have a favorite lyric from this one, it's more about the vibe I get from it.

Tegan & Sara - Goodbye, Goodbye
Heartthrob was released last week and as a long time T&S fan I hopped on it. They always deliver on an infectious pop song.
Favorite lyric: "You never really knew me never ever, never ever saw me, saw me like they did..."

Jimmy Eat World - Let It Happen
Taking it back back back! Jimmy Eat World is one of those bands that I loved when I was in High School and even when I don't listen to them for months, I come back to them over and over again.
Favorite lyric: "and like my chest my ears are proud, the collision is such an ugly sound."

Also as a reminder, I still have my 8tracks page where I post songs I've been using my Vlogs so check those out if you haven't already! 

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  1. I'm in a phase of sligh obsession with The Raveonettes, so this comes in handy... :)