After posting my vlogs from my weekend, a lot of you ladies spotted Misha, the drummer for Tennis System, and demanded more face time. Little did you know that he and I had been talking for a while about doing a fun vlog together, it was just a matter of time. I was actually hesitant at first (as I'm sure he was) because despite the fact we've been friends for awhile and he was aware that I'd been doing vlogs, actually brining people into the "vlog world" can be awkward and sometimes they just don't get it. Hell, I barely get it! But thankfully he was a good sport and I think the results speak for themselves.

As many of you know, music is a pretty big part of my videos and I like to put forth the effort into finding the right track for any situation. Also, if I can support my friends in any way - dammit I'm going to do it! So here the best of both worlds collided when Misha (aka Wolfpup), who had already composed songs for my channel (I think he did JS in a matter of 4 hours), put the final touches on "Always" and allowed me to be the first person to bring it to you all. Seriously, what an honor and pleasure.

We had already planned a day of driving and the Santa Monica Pier but he had the idea of adding the Q&A from you guys. What a fun way to incorporate you wonderful viewers into our day! :) Unfortunately when it came down to actually putting the video together, I couldn't include everyone's questions or else this video would have been at least an hour long! I am considering putting together any additional footage I have into a bonus video - that could be fun, right?

What a great day! I'm so glad we were able to do this for you guys as well as create a unique memory of our day for us to have forever. The response has been really sweet and overwhelming, thank you guys for being so wonderful. Like you, I cannot wait for him to complete his debut EP. I'm sure it will be wonderful and special.




  1. Your videos are so entertaining! Do you think you'll ever travel to Toronto, Canada?

    1. I've been to Toronto once before, hopefully one day I can return! x

  2. Please do the additional footage video!

  3. Love your vlogs! Always makes my day to see a new one !