Weekend Recap - MFTS

This past weekend I played videographer for my friends, Tennis System. If you've followed me at all lately you have probably of heard them because I use their songs in my vlogs all-the-time so I don't think I need to explain who they are! Matty, Misha and I had been talking about doing something like this for awhile and I thought this was a great opportunity for you all to get to know them a little bit better as a band (not just my friends who happen to be in my vlogs on occasion). So when they asked if I would do this for them I absolutely said yes!

As you can see their performance at The Echo was amazing and they really stole the show! I felt bad for the band that had to play after them because unless they had pyro, unicorns and maybe money falling from the ceiling - they didn't stand a chance.

In case you haven't already saturated yourself in Tennis System media, here are my two vlogs from the weekend filming for their channel! Although it was lots of work and endless hours of editing, it was such a pleasure to do this for them and I am thrilled that they were happy with the outcome. Also by the sounds of it, you guys are pretty into them too so thanks for the support! x


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