Insta Recap : Shoots & Mammals

1. OOTD in Echo Park | 2. Shoot with A, J & Martine | 3. Worked on my outfits video + got to hang out with Jenn & the gang | 4. Finally caught up with Matty for lunch | 5. Day 1 of Such A Drag video shoot | 6. Day 2 of Such A Drag video shoot | 7. Sneak peek from the set | 8. Went to LACMA to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibition | 9. A & J @ LACMA | 10. Headed to a lunch meeting | 11. Dog whispering on set | 12. Finally a day off to hang with my little man!
FEWF! As if you couldn't tell, I've been a bit swamped the last few weeks. I've barely been home to do anything other than sleep for a few restless hours and my body is feeling it. Today I was finally able to kick up my feet up in the living room and just breathe for a few precious moments...but then I was back to answering emails and adding more events to my calendar!

Last week between meetings, filming and shoots I also got to be "Video Ho" for Tennis System's upcoming music video "Such A Drag". Not only was I super honored to be asked, this song is hands down in my top 3 favorite songs of theirs. I can't wait for you guys to hear it! It was a long 2 days of shooting but I am just hoping I was able to do everyone's vision justice. It should be out by sometime next week so keep you eyes peeled for that! When i's released I'll be sure to vlog about it and tell you all what we did :)

I hope to get back to filming some more videos soon along with updating the blog with OOTDs and an updated Vlogist so keep an eye out for that. It should be up by tomorrow!

Hope you all are well and I will be seeing you soon :) x