I haven't done a music post in awhile...hell I haven't really made an actual post in a while! But since I've been back from Chicago I've been doing a lot more listening so I thought I'd share some tracks that have been on repeat the last few weeks.

Alt-J - "Dissolve Me"
I had the awesome chance to watch these guys from the stage and the crowd watching the stage was absolutely insane! I remember listening to "Dissolve Me" and "Taro" while the crowd went nuts. Listening to these songs now just bring back those awesome memories. 
Favorite Lyric : "Both still pine for the other's side spine..."

Youth - "Daughter"
I think I stumbled onto this song while listening to Spotify Radio and normally when I have the radio playing everything fades into the background and I continue with what I'm doing. But this song came on and for some reason my ears perked up. I think I just found it haunting and a few of the lyrics hit home.  
Favorite Lyric : "We are the reckless, we are the wild youth. Chasing visions of our futures." 

Django Django - "Default"
I found this one too catchy to ignore. 
Favorite Lyric : "You took part in the race but disappeared without a trace." 


  1. Check out Postiljonen. You may dig it.

    Brittanny //

  2. love you,claire,just love you <3

  3. You could really make these Music Mondays into a weekly thing on YouTube :) 3 music recommendations a week? New or old songs, we'll all love it!

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