In case you don't follow me on Twitter, here is a late posting of VLOGIST VOL III! I'm really glad you guys are enjoying the music! It's getting harder to pick stuff so if you have suggestions feel free to leave them for me :)

ps. I'd especially love it if they are available for download on SoundCloud ;)

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  1. Hi Claire!
    Any tips for vlogging/ making videos on youtube? I made a video with a song from the Shins on it. youtube won't let me allow people view it on their phones, they can only view it on their computers. And the video can't be monetized either. I know some of your videos have songs on them. how do you make it work? does it help if you dont put the whole song on there..? like i heard if you only put 30 seconds of the song or less.. you can get away with it.