Outfit Of The Day : Yard Sale

(NBD Vintage military jacket / byCorpus burn out flannel / OMENEYE short / JC rumble boots / Ray Bans)
Copped some awesome gear at our yard sale!
For those of you who follow me on Instagram (or @NBDVintage or @OMENEYE) you will have seen us post about a little yard sale we were having. Kristy was selling some of her awesome vintage for discounted prices (seriously, there were boxes of $5 stuff) and Alanna was selling her awesome shorts for $20-$30 a piece! I managed to trade her a pair of brand new shoes for these awesomely distressed shorts. LOVE!

If you missed out this time around be sure to follow me on Instagram (@heyclaire) and you'll find out when our next one is! We plan on doing another one sooner rather than later...

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