East Coast Gal?


I'm back on the East Coast for the week! I try to make it out every 2 - 3 months to visit my mom, keep tabs on her health and make sure things are going well at her place. Also, since she doesn't drive and isn't one to pamper herself much, I take the opportunity to take her out to eat and get pedicures :)

The cool weather is a nice and refreshing change from the LA heatwave that had been torturing us after the brief tease of fall weather. I can finally sport my layers and rock my Zara leather moto jacket that I love! The leaves are falling and turning colors which is also something LA doesn't have, but as much as I enjoy the change in seasons I have to say that this trip has felt a bit empty. I am definitely in a transition period and I am anxious to get back to LA and continue "nesting" in my new apartment.

If I'm being completely honest, up until this trip I have always considered myself an East Coast gal...but I think I left my heart in LA this time.

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