My Hair Care & Blow Dry Routine

I think it's safe to say that a fair number of my followers wish or wonder why I don't post more tutorials. I'll tell you why...THEY'RE HARD! There's enough pressure on a person to post a quality video but add in the extra attention to all of the technicalities such as lighting, making sure you have the right shots/angles, the actual explanation of everything you're That's not even including the editing process. Sure there's a lot that goes into making vlogs but I just find tutorials so much more daunting. I wish I had more patience and were able to dedicate more time to doing tutorials but I'll leave it to all of the other talented gurus out there!

So that being said, I finally got around to doing a hair care (or hair C(L)ARE video as Jesse says) video complete with a blow dry tutorial! Maybe it was a mistake to put them together since after the initial edit this was well around the 30 minute mark but I tried my best to cut it down while still including all the info that I felt was important.  For those asking about how I use my WEN Cleansing Conditioner, I explain it all in the beginning half of the video along with other products I use. If you're only interested in how I blow dry my hair, you can fast forward to the tutorial at 10:13 .

Note: I am not a professional hair stylist, this is just how I do it at home. I actually was most nervous about posting this video because I knew Anna, my hairstylist, was going to watch it and I wanted to do her proud! Funnily enough after she saw it she said, "Now I know what you're doing wrong! BUSTED!" haha - not to say that I am doing anything super crazy wrong, but basically I could achieve even better results if I did A-B-C. I won't explain it here because my plan is to update this video at a later point with Anna. Shhh! ;)

Hope you guys find this video helpful nonetheless! x


  1. Aww, hi Bruce, you've been missed, kitty. :)

    Thanks for the informative walk-through video, Clare! How long do you find the blow-dry process takes you from beginning to end?

    Do you ever have any issue with build-up of the Shu Uemura oil since Wen doesn't have any surfactants?


  2. Hi Claire,
    I discovered you on youtube and I think you're great! I've seen lots of videos on how to blow dry your hair but after seeing your video I had a little light bulb. Somehow your directions are what I needed and it has now changed my life. I wrote a little blog post about it ( you can check it out if you want but just wanted to say thanks! I have amazing hair now =)

  3. LOVE YOUR HAIR!! and thanks for the superb techniques on how to blow dry.
    <3 Christy

  4. I loved your video, and I would also love to see more vlogs from you in the future!
    Thank you so much for the tips! I’m like you, I don’t like to use many products, and I tend to keep my hair natural every day! And in fact I also do the 2 hairstyles you showed us, and some times even a low ponytail, especially now that it’s summer, and very hot outside!

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